The name Nahkon is taken from our head chef’s home town, Nahkon Sri Thammarat in the south of Thailand. Southern Thai cuisine is known for it’s fiery curries and flavoursome dishes.

Chef Preeya has had a passion for food from a young age and her flare in the kitchen has been passed down through generations of her family.

“In my family, eating well is very important to us. I was taught to cook when I was very young by my mum, grandma & aunties. My home was surrounded by fertile orchards, forests, rivers & the sea, suppling us with freshest ingredients.

“In Thai cuisine the balance of spicy, sweet & sour flavours is important to create the perfect dish. In my previous career as a lecturer in tourism management I travelled extensively around Asia, sampling & learning from the best food Asia has to offer. I’m very excited about sharing my cooking skills & passion for food with the people of Harrogate.

”We hope you will enjoy it!
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